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Loading Dock Levelers

We offer high efficiency dock levelers that are used for loading and unloading heavy loads. This is an ideal equipment to use where there is a difference in the levels of storage and level where goods are to be transferred. Known for its efficiency and safety, our dock levelers are available in a variety of customized versions to suit the requirements of the customer. We manufacture our dock levelers using high grade raw material. These make work easier by acting as a bridge between the two levels. Further, our dock leveler also works with loads that are unevenly distributed. Controlled by a hydraulic operating system, the dock leveler raises and lowers the load using electro-hydraulic pressure.
The dock levelers are characterized by the following features:
» Faster And Economical
» Easy to operate, quite and smooth cycling
» Restricted free fall through a hydraulic velocity fuse
» Power pack mounted underneath the deck.